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Market research data and local case studies on topical trends and challenges modern business are facing.


Digital Transformation Is Automation the Key to Augmenting Workforce Capability and Enhancing Citizen Experience? Dec 15, 2021 | 2 min With rising citizen expectations for personalised experiences, more than ever before, business and IT leaders must look at ways to streamline operations, augment the workforce... Read More

Cloud & Infrastructure

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Cloud & Infrastructure Workshop Recordings Top Priorities for Cloud & Data Centre Management in 2021 Apr 29, 2021 Insights distilled and analysed from 140 Heads of Cloud and Data Centre at leading organisations responsible for 25% of Australia’s GDP in 2021.
Cloud & Infrastructure Workshop Recordings Cloud and Data Centre 2021: Top Priorities, Investments, Challenges and Opportunities Apr 20, 2021 A deep dive into the top investment and strategic business priorities for Heads of Cloud & Data Centres in 2021 with data from over 180...


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Security Workshop Recordings Know Your Customer: CISOs, CIOs and “The State of Security in Australia” Today Oct 5, 2021 Australia’s national security is now every organisations’ responsibility as threats continue to emerge from an ever-growing range of vulnerabilities.


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Applications Workshop Recordings The Holistic Data Strategy – 5 Foundations That Lead to Success Aug 12, 2021 Insights and advice based on in-depth research of the priorities, challenges and best practice strategies taken by local Australian CIOs, CFOs, Chief Data Officers and...


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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation Workshop Recordings 2022 – Priorities of a Digital Organisation Nov 23, 2021 As the world opens to a post-pandemic reality, organisations need to ensure they are prepared to deliver new expectations from customers, employees, and partners.
Digital Transformation Workshop Recordings Digital First: Top Priorities for Heads of Digital Transformation and CX Leaders in 2021 Jun 22, 2021 Insights distilled and analysed from 126 Heads of Digital Transformation, Innovation and Customer Experience leading organisations responsible for over 30% of Australia’s GDP in 2021.
Strategic Business Initiatives Workshop Recordings 2021 Strategic Forecast for ANZ Technology Leaders Mar 11, 2021 A deep dive into the top top strategic priorities and hurdles CIOs are facing in 2021 with data from over 180 local technology executives.

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